Workday Integration

Workday Integration

Workday is the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources, payroll, and financial management. The Workday Integration Cloud is already operating at scale, with more than 100,000 integrations executed by customers and partners.

Workday Integration Cloud offers a lower-cost, lower-risk path to delivering Workday integrations in support of your specific business needs.

As your business grows, your team grows – and so does the list of challenges associated with streamlining all of the Human Capital Management business processes required of your organization. But how do you enable business processes and data sharing across multiple applications today, and still have the flexibility to scale for future growth



Integration Cloud Platform.

Workday’s integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) enables both business users and IT developers to build, configure, test, deploy, and manage custom integrations to and from Workday. All integrations are deployed and managed in the Workday Cloud.

  • Configure simple inbound and outbound integrations directly within Workday using Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB), an easy-to-use graphical and guided interface
  • Utilize Workday Studio’s rich, graphical development environment to build more sophisticated and highly customizable integrations to and from Workday
  • Take advantage of Workday’s built-in Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to scale, interconnect, and support the latest industry standards, protocols, and formats

Cloud Integrator Difference

  • Workday Integration Cloud Platform may not be sufficient enough for certain integration challenges.
  • Cloud Integrator can help to cast the right iPaaS to resolve WorkDay and enterprise cloud integration challenges
  • Leverage our custom built frameworks written for WorkDay integration problems
  • Our integration experts can cast the best iPaaS product to solve your integration problem which is technologically and cost effective
  • Your one stop shop for obtaining pricing, benefits, features and licensing information about various iPaaS products
  • Our decision making is not only experience driven but also prototype driven. We build prototypes to prove our approach before you even invest time and money at large