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Connect Data, Applications, APIs and Things Faster

SnapLogic allows enterprise IT organizations and lines of business to connect faster. Accelerate the adoption of cloud apps like Workday, Salesforce and ServiceNow. Get more from your big data investments and power modern analytics. Re-think legacy approaches to data and application integration with a unified integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Connect Cloud Applications Faster

As your enterprise IT organization embraces best-of-breed cloud applications, it is critical that these modern business systems are aligned with your end-to-end business processes. The risk is that your new cloud applications become silos of fragmented, untrustworthy data, which leads to low adoption and ROI, not to mention missed revenue opportunities. Examples include:

With over 300+ intelligent connectors, called Snaps, SnapLogic’s easy-to-use cloud design, management and monitoring interface, streaming architecture and hybrid execution network allow enterprise IT organizations to connect cloud applications faster.

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