IBM Cast Iron

IBM® WebSphere® Cast Iron® Cloud integration products enable you to integrate cloud and on-premise applications in days, reduce integration costs and optimize resources and productivity in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models. They provide a graphical configuration approach—rather than custom coding, on-demand tooling or traditional middleware—to help you integrate applications quickly and simply. They use pre-configured templates based on common integration scenarios to accelerate integration.

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products provide several capabilities for near real time integration: data cleansing and migration, data synchronization and connectivity, workflow and transformation that enable you to orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications. Mash up capabilities enable you to integrate information from disparate sources and to display it using the native user interface of a cloud application. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products also support mobile applications by harnessing data and processes from other parts of the enterprise.

Deployment options: